Miss Me feat Nelly available to download 31st October!

Mohombi releases his debut single on the 31st October. The fresh sounding single 'Miss Me' features Nelly and you can check out the video below!


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bellana wrote on 22/08/2011 17:23PM
Boy, I dont wanna dance with nobody but you...Grrrrrrrr
babygirl wrote on 17/10/2010 12:28PM
This song is great ..
i love the rhythm, the fact that it's kinda slow and intense is exactly what makes it good ... and the up bit all of the sudden and back again, usually never works, if you ask me. but in this song it comes on the right note an is not too much ..
LOVE it .. ;)
jo0anna1 wrote on 04/10/2010 23:58PM
love this song off .. it well gd and i like the dancing in the video x sweet mohombi

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